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Co-creator/ Composer/ Sound artist/ Performer

Stelios is an artist exploring relationships between time, space, body, system and sound. His work is particularly concerned with the invisible and the ephemeral, and with dynamically shaping sensation, perception and experience. His practice lies in the convergence of art, philosophy, science and engineering; it extends from performances, to environments and interactive installations to compositions, fixed media pieces, and music for dance and film. It often merges algorithmic finesse with the expressiveness of improvisation or the immediacy of audience participation. Stelios' work has been shown in five continents, in varied venues & festivals such as ZKM Karlsruhe, dOCUMENTA, Seattle Art Museum, IDFA Amsterdam, Museum of Contemporary Art Vigo, Dag in de Branding, ICMC, NIME, Rewire, Audio Art, and Athens Digital Arts Festival. His compositions have been awarded in international competitions, such as  Gaudeamus (NL), the ECPNM (EU) and Cittá de Udine / the Italian Senate (IT). Besides his solo work, he has co-founded several music and multimedia group and, together with duo partner Stephanie Pan is the co-founding director and curator of the Modern Body Festival.


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