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Collaborating Performer

Kristian Santic is an Australian performance artist/director specialising in Theatre, Dance, and Circus with a curiosity for experimental and hybrid work. Performance credits included Shaun Tan's ‘The Arrival’ (Co-presentation by QPAC and Red Leap Theatre as part of Out of Box Children’s Festival 2018 ), Armistice  (QPAC), Squad (Debase Productions at Commonwealth Games 2018), BULL (Metro Arts). Directing/Curating credits include Metro Art's Deathfest 2.0 (Cthonica) Southbank's Cre8 Festival, Woodford Closing Ceremony (Fire Event), LIT Festival.


His performance practice is currently centered around the research topics of liminality, inter-relational reflexivity and metamorphosis, which he has recently traveled to Japan to research. Kristian is a strong believer that the role of art is to heal and serve the community and its collective consciousness.

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